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George I (George Louis; German: Georg Ludwig; 28 May 1660 - 11 June 1727) was King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1 August 1714 and ruler of the Duchy and Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg (Hanover) in the Holy Roman Empire from 23 January 1698 until his death in 1727. He was the first British monarch of the House of Hanover.. Born in Hanover to its Elector Ernest Augustus and Electress. Letters From 1700s Penned By Britain's 'Mad King' George: 'America is Lost!' AFP - Getty Images Jan. 28, 2017, 11:37 AM UTC / Updated Jan. 28, 2017, 2:09 PM UT George II, king of Great Britain and elector of Hanover from 1727 to 1760. Although he possessed sound political judgment, his lack of self-confidence caused him to rely heavily on his ministers, most notable of whom was Sir Robert Walpole. Learn more about George II's life and reign in this article George was born in the city of Hanover in Germany, followed by his sister, Sophia Dorothea, three years later.Their parents, George Louis, Hereditary Prince of Brunswick-Lüneburg (later King George I of Great Britain), and Sophia Dorothea of Celle, both committed adultery.In 1694 the marriage was dissolved on the pretext that Sophia had abandoned her husband George I was succeeded by George II, born 10th November 1683, who was also King of Great Britain and King of Ireland, from 11th June 1727 until his death on 25th October 1760. George II's.

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  1. Georg V (George Frederick Ernest Albert; født 3. juni 1865, død 20. januar 1936) var konge av Storbritannia og besittelsene og keiser av India fra 1910 til 1936, samt konge av Irland og senere Den irske fristaten.Han tilhørte det tyske fyrstehuset Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha.I 1917, under første verdenskrig, tok han navnet Windsor.. Fra en alder av 12 år tjenestegjorde Georg i den kongelige.
  2. Georg VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George; født 14. desember 1895 i York Cottage i Norfolk, død 6. februar 1952 på Sandringham House i Norfolk) var konge av Storbritannia og samvelderikene fra 1936 til 1952. Han var keiser av India fra han ble kronet til landet ble selvstendig i 1947. Han var den tredje britiske monarken av fyrstehuset Windsor..
  3. England's longest-ruling monarch before Queen Victoria, King George III (1738-1820) ascended the British throne in 1760. During his 59-year reign, he pushe
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This list of kings and queens of the Kingdom of England begins with Alfred the Great, who initially ruled Wessex, one of the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms which later made up modern England. Alfred styled himself King of the Anglo-Saxons from about 886, and while he was not the first king to claim to rule all of the English, his rule represents the start of the first unbroken line of kings to. Dear King George In the late 1700s the American colonists were unhappy with King George III of England. They didn't think he was doing what a good leader should do. He charged unfair taxes, would not allow trade with other countries and made colonists open their homes for soldiers to live with them. Colonists felt very far away from their king. Something needed to change King George III ruled the British kingdom through turbulent times, including the American Revolutionary War, after which the colonies gained independence List Queen Anne had ruled the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Scotland, and the Kingdom of Ireland since 8 March 1702. She became monarch of the Kingdom of Great Britain after the political union of England and Scotland on 1 May 1707.Her total reign lasted for 12 years and 146 days. For a family tree that shows George I's relationship to Anne, see George I of Great Britain § Family tree Im looking for sites where people lived in the 1700s to metal detect & do some relic hunting. Its King George III waiting for me

How King George treated the colonies and what he did to stop their independence. early in 1783 king George knew Britain had lost the war. so the treaty of Paris was formed. Great Britain agreed to recognize the united states as an independent country. Britain also agreed to give up all its claims between the Atlantic ocean and the Mississippi river On October 26, 1775, King George III speaks before both houses of the British Parliament to discuss growing concern about the rebellion in America, which he viewed as a traitorous action against. The History of the Georgia Colony in the 1700s. JONI L. KONEVAL 29 SEP 2017 CLASS. Georgia became the last of the original 13 American colonies in 1732 when James Oglethorpe was granted permission by King George II to establish a colony in the territory between South Carolina and Florida 1700s king george half cent silver and more Historyhunter. Loading Hong Kong 1949 King George VI & 1971 Queen Elizabeth II Coins - Duration: 1:52. Doris Anne Beaulieu 23,117 views

During the 1700s, England was governed under a mixed constitution, when King Charles I was executed and England briefly became a republic before the restoration of the monarchy in 1660. England had a total of five monarchs during the 1700s: William III, Anne, George I, George II and George III. The Act of Settlement,. George III, king of Great Britain and Ireland (1760-1820) during a period when Britain won an empire in the Seven Years' War but lost its American colonies and then, after the struggle against Revolutionary and Napoleonic France, emerged as a leading power in Europe. Learn more about George III in this article Seldom seen original Cohorn Calvary Pack Cannon; used by the English in the French and Indian Wars and American Revolution War; this cannon has King George II mark on barrel and an arrow with number 4 regimental marks on the end of the trunnions; the opposite trunnion is marked number 57; all brass construction; these small cannons were made to launch grenades 50-100 meters; carried on the. Name: King George I Full Name: George Louis Born: May 28, 1660 at Osnabruck, Hanover Parents: Ernst August, Duke of Brunswick and Elector of Hanover, and Sophia Stuart Relation to Elizabeth II: 6th great-grandfather House of: Hanover Ascended to the throne: August 1, 1714 aged 54 years Crowned: October 20, 1714 at Westminster Abbey Married: Sophia Dorothea of Cell

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  1. Fort King George, the first British garrison of the Georgia colony, is located in Darien, at the mouth of the Altamaha River.Established in 1721 as the southernmost outpost of British North America, the post became the stronghold for the coveted southeastern region
  2. Read a biography about King George I the first Hanoverian king of Great Britain. Discover why he was unpopular in England throughout his life
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  5. Virginia - King George County - 1700s to early 1800s (Below are different Going, Goyen, Gowen related sources for those people were in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas in the early 1700's to early 1800's
  6. George II was born in Hanover the son of George I and Sophia of Celle. He married Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach in 1705 an attractive and intelligent woman, and they had 9 children. In 1708 he took part in the Battle of Oudenarde in Belgium against the French. His father became King George I of.
  7. King George II - 1727-1760. Early 18th English costume history by Dion Clayton Calthrop. A lady of quality wears the large hoop skirt, a circular whalebone arrangement, later in middle reign the sacque gown became the general town fashion

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British and American History Paintings of the 1700s. Overview King George III canceled it in 1801. Although the overall project was abandoned, many individual canvases were completed. This nine-foot-long Expulsion had been shown at the Royal Academy of art in 1791 The Boston Tea Party was a political protest staged on December 16, 1773 at Griffin's Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. American colonists, frustrated at Britain for imposing taxation without.

Enoch inherited from his father the plantation in Hanover Parish, King George county, and he lived there till his death in October of 1763. Margaret, eldest of the 2 daughters of William and Margaret, married Christopher Rogers who died testate in King George County in 1795 The county is named after King George I of Great Britain (1660-1727).. Parent County [edit | edit source]. 1720--King George County was created 2 November 1720 from Richmond and Westmoreland Counties. County seat: King George Boundary Changes [edit | edit source]. For animated maps illustrating Virginia county boundary changes, Rotating Formation Virginia County Boundary Maps (1617-1995) may.

George III (George William Frederick; 4 June 1738 - 29 January 1820) was King of Great Britain and King of Ireland from 25 October 1760 until the union of the two countries on 1 January 1801, after which he was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until his death in 1820. He was concurrently Duke and Prince-elector of Brunswick-Lüneburg (Hanover) in the Holy Roman. King George's War, (1744-48), American phase of the War of the Austrian Succession, third and inconclusive struggle between France and Great Britain for mastery of the North American continent. Though technically at peace between 1713 and 1744, the two colonial powers experienced continua George III - George III - North's ministry, 1770-82: In 1770 the king was lucky in finding a minister, Lord North, with the power to cajole the Commons. North's policy of letting sleeping dogs lie lulled the suspicions of independent rural members who were always ready to imagine that the executive was growing too strong. As a result, 12 years of stable government followed a decade of. King George III of Great-Britain (1738-1820) had always been a family man with strong moral principles, but, during his recurring bouts of 'madness', he developed an embarrassing fancy for a respectable grandmother of over fifty

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George's grandfather, King George II, disliked the Prince of Wales, and took little interest in his grandchildren. However, in 1751 the Prince of Wales died unexpectedly from a lung injury, and George became heir apparent to the throne. He inherited one of his father's titles and became the Duke of Edinburgh His Majesty, The King. Buckingham Palace. London, England. You wouldn't use his name because it is implied when you write The King. There is but one king (or queen) at a time. Then the letter would begin: If it please Your Majesty, (Instead of Dear King George) and the body of the letter. Click 'Show more' for script. Sir Nigel Hawthorne, playing King George, and Sir Ian Holm, the physician, scene from the movie where the authority of a doctor.. King George III's reign, each period of issue. featuring distinct obverse and reverse designs. Earlier coins from the Tower Mint show the. King wearing armour on the obverse, and. Britannia holding a spear and olive branch on. the reverse, with the date below. From 1799 to 1807 the minting of halfpennies

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube The famous King George III, who ruled during the American revolution and was said to undergo bouts of madness, has been posthumously diagnosed as having acute intermittent porphyria The most famous absolute ruler of France in the 1600s and early 1700s was Louis XIV, who was also called the Sun King. He drew in all power from across France and strongly weakened the nobility The act King George signed into law 250 years ago was deceptively simple. It imposed duties on pretty much everything that could be printed or written on a piece of paper, from wills to summons to.

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1799 King George III Britannia Copper Colonial Coin 1799 Britannia King George III Copper Colonial Coin Not a coin person but would grade it as fine to extra fine Based on the photos you decide the condition for yourself Measures 1-3/16Dia Condition As described above $ 35.00 Take advantage of the Buy It Now offer When King George Co was formed from Richmond in 1720, Hanover Parish constituated the upper part of King George County. In 1732, another Act of the Gen'l Assembly, divided the parishes and Hanover and Brunswick became the only two parishes in King George County. In 1778, that.

The register of Saint Paul's parish, 1715-1798 ; Stafford County, Virginia, 1715-1776 ; King George County, Virginia, 1777-1798, arranged alphabetically by surnames in chronological orde King George's broad arrow was marked into the chosen trees, a vertical line topped with an upside-down V, slashed with a hatch onto the surface of a the straightest and tallest white pines warned others away. To protect the marked trees, the King's government appointed surveyor-generals for large tracts of land *George W. King b. 26 Mar 1816 Stokes, Madison Co., OH, d.11 Feb 1862 Stone Co. MO Married: #1 Caroline STUBBLEFIELD 22 Oct 1835 Ohio, b. 22 Jan 1819 and d. March 1845, Barry Co. MO. Jemima King 1820 Martha King 1823 William B. King 1825 Rachel King 1827 *George W. King(s. of Richard)b. 1816 Madison Co. OH. d. 1885 Cape Fair, Stone Co., MO. Georgia was another proprietary colony, named after King George I, with a charter granted to James Oglethorpe and others in 1732. It was intended as a buffer colony to protect the others from attacks from the Florida Spanish and the Louisiana French. Because of this, Georgia was the only colony to receive funds from the Crown from its founding

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Meaning: King George did not allowed the colonials to have jury trials. Trials were conducted by judges appointed by the king. No jury of ones peers. (7) taking away our charters, abolishing our most valuable laws, and altering fundamentally the forms of our government King George vs President Trump This is an exploration of Declaration of Indepence in terms of charges levied against King George and how Trump fares against such charges. Partly undertaken because.. 1700s 18th Century (91) Based On Novel (66) Character Name In Title (41) France (34) Death (30) England (27) who is married to an insane king, Mr E. Blackadder serves as butler to the foppish numskull Prince George amidst the fads and crazes of the time. Stars: Rowan Atkinson,. George III became king upon his grandfathers (George II), death in 1760, his own father having died in 1751. George III is primarily remembered as the mad king, and. for losing the American colonies, however was reigning at. the formation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and. Ireland, and oversaw the discovery and settlement of ne George II lived from 10 November 1683 to 25 October 1760 and was King of Great Britain and Ireland from 11 June 1727 until his death. He also served as Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (Hanover) and Archtreasurer and Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire. The wider picture in Scotland at the time is.

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October 18, 1748 - The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle is signed, ending King George's War between France, Great Britain, and their Indian allies in New England and Nova Scotia. They had been at it again for four years since the French raided the British outpost at Canso, Nova Scotia on May 23, 1744 King George Athens not only represents the absolute essence of a fascinating boutique hotel but it also encapsulates the finest sense of fine art and elegance. Located in our lobby, the Murano chandeliers, the bright marbles and the finest furnishing are just some of the elegant touchpoints 1700s to the Present Click here to download a PDF version. Delegation of BC chiefs meet with King Edward to discuss the Indian Land Question George Manuel and Nisga'a leader Frank Calder present briefs to the Joint Committee for the Review of Indian Affairs Policy Political cartoons began as posters sold in England in the 1700s. Here's a look at their history and impact over Many of Gillray's satirical drawings were directed against King George III,.

Hotel King George, Praha: Se 267 reiseanmeldelser, 177 objektive bilder og gode tilbud for Hotel King George, rangert som nr. 52 av 418 B&B/vertshus i Praha og vurdert til 3,5 av 5 på Tripadvisor King George was born in 1738 and died in 1820, his coronation was in 1760 and he ruled until his death so I'm guessing the sign was made around the 1760's. The design has darkened and muted with age but does look to be pretty much intact on both sides

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Thus it was that George Louis, Elector of Hanover and already naturalized by Act of Parliament in 1705, became King George I of England, initiating the Royal House of Hanover. One of the first engagements for the new George I was to attend morning service at the Chapel Royal where ''a Te Deum was sung, composed by Mr Handel - and Handel's position with the new ruler appears to have been secured Late 1700s Great Britain Half Penny King George III. You are bidding on the exact coin(s) in the photograph. You will receive the exact coin(s) in the photo. Only $3.95 Shipping! We acquire coins from a variety of sources with some being graded before we get them and some we send out to grading service companies after we receive them King George III (1760-1820) Under George III, the British lost the American colonies in the American War of Independence.George III also presided over an extended war with Napoleon's Revolutionary France. Towards the end of his reign, he experienced periods of mental instability Below is the list of 27 complaints the Colonists had against King George III. Historians tell us that there was a British response to these accusations, written by John Lind. His response was 110 pages long. In it, he refuted many of the charges,. King George III - 1760-1820 by Dion Clayton Calthrop Part 1 - Georgian Men's Coats By Pauline Weston Thomas for Fashion-Era.com King George III - 1760-1820 English Costume History by Dion Clayton Calthrop Part 1 - Georgian Men's Coats A MAN OF THE TIME OF GEORGE III - 1760-1820 (Early) MAN OF THE TIME OF [

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Was King George II a king in the 1700s? Yes, from 1727 to 1760. Why did the colonists charge King George 3rd? he needed to raise money for great Britai king George wanted more money from the colonists so he raised the taxes for tea, ink, paper, and more. The colonists didn t think this was fair so they wrote the declaration and when king George refused to read it the colonists sent the British red coats running back home due to King George thinking they were a fake You can contact me at: George King Wayne W. Walker has given permission to post a copy of his Abstracts from the Court of Probate Records for Annapolis County, Nova Scotia . These abstracts are a must for anyone researching Annapolis County families before 1938 or Digby County before 1838 George King abt 1660 Bromham, Wiltshire, England - abt 04 Sep 1706 managed by Omar Butler. Nicholas King abt 1677 Bromham, Wiltshire, England - abt 11 Jul 1759 . Ngaire Nell (King) Bailey 15 Oct 1914 New Zealand - 24 Jan 1999 managed by Margaret Allison

By the end of the 1780's the need for small change became desperate both in Ireland and England as King George III had become mad and was unable to sign any coinage acts. The regal prerogative over the right to mint coin having been carefully guarded by the monarchy while other trappings of power devolved to Parliament George Washington, not King George, was the true modern day embodiment of Marcus Aurelius - the true Patriot King. In 1818, three years after the end of the War of 1812, the pedestal was removed forever from the Green. [FEATURED IMAGE AT TOP: Pulling down the statue of King George III at Bowling Green, New York

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  1. Sixty-eight years ago this month, King George VI died and left behind a legacy as a ruler who upheld the crown through scandal and war — despite never wanting to ascend to the throne
  2. Franklin begins publishing The Pennsylvania Gazette, which eventually becomes the most popular colonial newspaper. 1730 - Baltimore is founded in the Maryland colony
  3. Newton B Wilkerson abt 1770 King George, King George, Colonial America - 18 Jul 1842 managed by Tommy Roye last edited 16 Sep 2019. Sarah Sallie (Wilkerson) McKee 23 Jul 1804 Boonesborough, Madison County, Kentucky, USA - 21 Jul 1883 last edited 14 Sep 2019
  4. George IV (George Augustus Frederick; 12 August 1762 - 26 June 1830) was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and King of Hanover from the death of his father, King George III, on 29 January 1820 until his own death ten years later.From 1811 until his accession, he served as regent during his father's final mental illness
  5. King George III. The Loyalist equivalent of the Continental Army was referred to as the Provincial Corps. Raised under the auspices of the commander in chief of the British Army, in all theaters of the conflict, these troops were enlisted for the duration of the war and liable for service anywhere in North America
  6. 25 October 1760: King George II dies: he is succeeded by King George III. 23 December 1761: The death of Alastair Ruadh MacDonnell, the government spy in the Jacobite camp known as Pickle. 31 January 1762: The birth on the island of Ulva of Major General Lachlan Macquarie, CB, who later becomes Governor of New South Wales and is often described as The Father of Australia

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Top 10 Period Films Set In The 1700s. King George III begins exhibiting symptoms of mental illness at a time when this is extremely poorly understood. The all-star cast includes Ian Holm and Dame Helen Mirren, who was also nominated for a Supporting Actress Oscar King George V era UK penny values, 1911 to 1936 King George VI era UK penny values, 1937 to 1952 Queen Elizabeth II era UK penny values, pre-decimal, 1953 to 1967 1797 British penny value, George III, cartwheel, 10 leaves 1797 British penny value, George III, cartwheel, 11 leaves 1806 UK penny value, George III 1807 UK penny value, George II King's Mountain and Its Heroes: History of the Battle of King's Mountain, October 7th, 1780, and the Events Which Led to It. Cincinnati: P.G. T, 1881. Citations The list from William Sevier's handwritten muster This goes back to King George I [who ruled in the early 1700s], and the law's never been changed, Koenig explained. He did it because he had a very poor relationship with his son,.

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  1. ant form of dress for women between 1700 and 1709 (Crowston 25, 36-37).A rare surviving example of this type of gown (Fig. 1) dating to about 1708 in the collection of the Costume Institute displays the luxuriant.
  2. Frederick, Prince of Wales, KG (Frederick Louis; 1 February 1707 - 31 March 1751), was heir apparent to the British throne from 1727 until his death from a lung injury at the age of 44. He was the eldest but estranged son of King George II and Caroline of Ansbach, and the father of King George III
  3. King George III of the United Kingdom was king when Britain owned the 13 colonies. He was also king during the war between America and England, the French Revolution, and the Napoleonic Wars

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Here is your opportunity to acquire a Stunning ORIGINAL late 1700s KING GEORGE III Signed Document with 1716-1800 Royal Seal present, with also ORIGINAL 1804 Etching. Matted and framed in an ORIGINAL 1880s Refinished gold guilded frame Born in 1865, George V served as king of the United Kingdom from 1910 to 1936 Sep 25, 2014 - Side Chair, mid 1700s, King George County, Virginia, walnut and beech, attributed to Robert Walker, private collection List of Famous Painters (1700-1900) English Figurative Painters (18th and 19th Century) William Hogarth (1697-1764) English painter, engraver, founder of English Figurative Painting. Allan Ramsay (1713-84) Official portraitist to King George III

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  1. You've seen the look in historical dramas. You laughed at the foppish dandies that appear on Masterpiece Theater. In grade school you sneered at pictures of King George with his powdered wig, adjusting it ever so slightly while drinking a cup of tea with his pinky finger extended, wondering how he further extort colonists with new taxes
  2. House of Hanover. In 1714, George, Elector of Hanover, became king in accordance with the Act of Settlement, 1702. The act stipulated that, after the death of the childless Queen Anne (the last.
  3. King and Queen County is located in the Eastern portion of the Commonwealth of Virginia about 50 miles from the Chesapeake Bay and was named after King William III and Queen Mary of England. King and Queen County, Virginia Courthouse [edit | edit source] King and Queen County Courthouse P.O. Box 67 King and Queen, VA 23085-0067 Phone 804-785-598
  4. Complete listing of Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666 (from book published 1912 by George Cabell Greer, now copyright-free) Each line contains from left to right: LAST & FIRST - Name of immigrant who came to America ARRIVAL - Year of immigrant arrival SPONSOR - Name of sponsoring person(s) paying passage of immigrant COUNTY - County in which sponsor received land for payment of passage.
  5. Prince George's County Courthouse 14735 Main Street Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 Phone: 301-952-3318 Toll-free (in Maryland) 800-937-1335 Prince George's County Website Clerk of the Circuit Court has land and court records. Register of Wills has probate records. Prince George's County, Maryland Record Dates [edit | edit source
  6. King George IV ( 1820 - 1830 ) 1820 - George IV accedes to the throne, having spent the last nine years as Prince Regent for his blind and deranged father. 1820 - 60,000 workers strike and appoint a 'provisional government' in Glasgow. They are put down by troops at Bonnymuir and their leaders transported. 1822 - King George IV visits Scotland
  7. ster Abbey Married: George, son of Frederick III of Denmark Children: Eighteen, including miscarriages and still-born.

When the problem with King Malcolm occurred, half the family remained in Scotland. So it becomes difficult to determine your true lineage. At the time of Culloden, many Scots went to America and Canada, while others went to the far East. George Grubbs 200. Thomas Shelton. George VI served as king of the United Kingdom during World War II and was an important symbolic leader. He was succeeded by Queen Elizabeth II in 1952 Sweeting, Nathaniel, Master on Privateer King George in 1744 and Commander of Privateer King George in 1745. Swinborn, Thomas, Carpenter on Privateer Charming Betty in 1744. Tarr, Othniel, Commander of Privateer Henry in 1747 and 1748. Taylor, Joseph, Served in Capt. Sayer's Co. in 1746. Taylor, William, Served in Capt. Cole's Co. in 1746

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The Cross of St. George was to be flown from the foremasts of the English ships, while the Cross of St. Andrew was to be flown form the foremasts of the Scottish ships. As the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery were of English registry and did not embark upon their historic voyage until December of 1606, it logically follows that on this voyage their flags conformed to the royal decree of. 1600s & 1700s Military History Timeline 1601-1700. Share Flipboard Email Print Duke of Marlborough signing the Despatch at Blenheim. The Pragmatic Army under King George II wins the Battle of Dettingen May 11, 1745 - War of the Austrian Succession: French troops win the Battle of Fonteno

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» Pet Notice: › Leashed pets are allowed on historic site trails, however, they are not allowed in buildings. Please view our Park Rules page for more information. The reconstructed Fort King George anchors present day visitors to a rich history where Native American and European cultures met, colonial empires collided, soldiers toiled and perished, and industry boomed on the shores of the. Vi vil gjerne vise deg en beskrivelse her, men området du ser på lar oss ikke gjøre det

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On October 25, 1774, the First Continental Congress sends a respectful petition to King George III to inform his majesty that if it had not been for the acts o 1 Joseph Williams b.ca.1645-1660, Anne Arundel Co. MD d.24_Sep_1692, Baltimore Co. MD 2 Richard Williams Sr. b.1684 d.1768 3 Stockett Williams b.ca.1715 d.ca.1776 4 John Williams b.1750 d.1792, Prince George's Co. MD 5 John Waters Williams b,14_Feb_1780, Prince George's Co. MD d.19_Feb_1838, Mechanicsburg, Champaign Co. OH 6 Samuel Williams b.10_Jan_1807, Prince George's Co. MD d.26_Mar_1889.

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KING GEORGE DART CLUB has 281 members. King George Dart Club ble stiftet 5. mai 1990 og er medlem av Norges Dartsforbund (NDF). Vi har klubbkveld hver.. King George insisted on getting waterfront property in exchange for land lost from the new Potomac River bridge. What it got won't primarily be used for water access

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